Nirzar Jain

Chief Leasing Officer

RaveDesign, led by Rajan and Sangeeta, was instrumental in achieving design excellence in launching Esplanade One Mall, Bhubaneswar.

In our early stage they also helped across the 7 Nexus Malls for retail store design excellence, and also worked with our internal teams seamlessly to get the changes implemented in a timely manner. They provided valuable insights on latest trends in store designs, interacted with all our retailers to uplift the store designs.

Sangeeta and Rajan have an ability to work across retail categories and are not limited by geographies  across India. They have been pioneers in mall and retail design; their expertise is backed by a willingness to listen makes their services an even better value proposition. I would highly recommend team RaveDesign.

Abhijit Banik

AVP of Retail Design

Sangeeta’s association with the Phoenix Group goes a long way, first as the Director- Retail Excellence Team and later as a consultant (RaveDesign) working across various projects.

Sangeeta (RaveDesign) led the Tenant Design Approval & Fit Out Management at all the 7 malls of Phoenix Group, i.e. High Street Phoenix-Lower Parel, Palladium-Mumbai, Phoenix Marketcity – all 4 locations i.e. Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore & Chennai & Palladium -Chennai (partially). She was also leading the Way Finding Signage Design for Palladium- Mumbai, High Street Phoenix & Phoenix Marketcity – Pune, Phoenix Marketcity Kurla, and Palladium- Chennai. It is due to her leadership that we see a stunning range of stores and a path breaking signage design at all the Phoenix Malls.

Sangeeta is one of the most knowledgeable individuals I have come across in consulting in these fields; very knowledgeable in international trends in retail, & shopping centre industry, total project development, design planning and team management, with extensive experience in planning theories and concepts.

She is an excellent motivator , it was a pleasure working with her and I highly recommend RaveDesign as valuable consultants to set new benchmarks in design!

Rajiv Malla

Aug 2018 onwards, CEO, Runwal Group, Mumbai 2011-2018-Director, Phoenix Marketcity, Pune


Phoenix Marketcity was open to public for a couple of years when we decided to upgrade the common areas. RaveDesign successfully carried out the design management of this project. They led the design vision, collaborated with multiple external consultants & internal teams to design and develop each part of the mall, bringing a very opulent feel to the mall.

We had an open to sky courtyard (at the heart of the mall) which was underutilized. As part of the upgrade, the courtyard was redeveloped as a miniature identity in itself and was done up beautifully. It’s a great success today with spill over seating of restaurants and event spaces & a large screen. RaveDesign played a key role in conceptualizing & designing this.

They were our trusted design consultants in the entire process. Together we also created various mall experience opportunities in the common areas which led to the mall becoming a ‘place’ instead of just a space.

I would recommend RaveDesign highly as design specialists – they bring tremendous value to the table as they prove themselves to be domain experts in design and leveraging design aspects to be a business transformational tool.

Gurvineet Singh

CEO of Viviana Mall 

We at Viviana Malls started working with RaveDesign in 2016 and it was during this time that the first cycle of renewals had kicked in, the mall used this opportunity to renovate more than 150 stores.

The mandate for which was so efficiently handled by Sangeeta,

Rajan and the team at RaveDesign that not only was it a smooth execution, but they also ensured latest designs and concepts were introduced by all brands in Viviana, the business growth of these renewed brands are a testimony to the hard work which has gone into this exercise.

Also the relationship with the retailers which has come with their rich experience of two decades makes it a breeze to convince the brands.

They also helps us greatly with our miscellaneous revamp projects in common areas.

Santush Kumar Pandde, CRRP

Head of R City

RaveDesign has been our retail design review consultant for a long period of time.

They have been instrumental in helping us execute top notch retail designs that are innovative, relevant and modern.

Such good store design has helped us to keep pace with trend and position ourselves as one of the best in our industry.

Their strengths are their knowledge, pragmatic solutions and passion for what they do. They provide most efficient design keeping in mind a great customer experience and destination.

Suyash Verma

Executive Director

I have worked closely with Rajan Vernekar for the WayFinding Signage for various mixed use projects as part of the Everstone Capital projects.

All these properties were retail led and needed way-finding signage schemes in keeping with the positioning of each property. Rajan drove the complete design management process for these exercises and worked very closely with other teams to deliver superb solutions. This was greatly appreciated by our investors & customers alike.

I would highly recommend Rajan -RaveDesign- as a signage design consultant; they have a vast experience under their belt and can deliver results along an international standard. And they are very enthusiastic friendly people to work with which is a rarity!

Abhijit Nikale

Head of Design

I have worked closely with RaveDesign for WayFinding Signage at Seawoods Grand Central Mall, Navi Mumbai, which is one of Nexus Malls flagship asset.

A very unique project, as the mall was already trading and the earlier signages needed a lot of alternations. RaveDesign introduced a fresh scheme with both static and digital signages, which helped us not only for Way finding and also for advertisements and revenue generation.

We chose Ravedesign for their earlier works and would highly recommend RaveDesign as a signage consultant for their vast experience in design management and their understanding of retail & customer circulation, which makes it a true win-win for us.

I would also like to mention that they are always accessible and ready to go that extra mile with a smile and warmth, which makes the relationship further strong.

Romil Ratra

Ex Group Director of Hospitality – Phoenix Mills Ltd. Ex Co-Founder, Director & Chief Everything Officer of Bellona Hospitality Services Limited, Part of Phoenix Group

I along with the Marketing team at the The Palladium hotel worked with RaveDesign to create the Way Finding Signage package for the hotel in 2014.

This was a challenge due to the complicated nature of the building itself, as it sat atop the Luxury mall and the real experience started at the Main Lobby at Level 9 of the property and yet we needed to have a fool proof, easy to understand set of directional signages that started at the ground level. The hotel also had multiple elevator banks that went to specific levels as well as an entire separate banquets wing with its own entrance and elevator bank too.

The hotel interiors were already done and this meant that RaveDesign had to not just plan the directional signages to ensure that guests could easily find their way around this massive property, but ensure that the aesthetic matched the top class interior design and execute this in a hotel that was already operational.
The team at Rave Design developed the complete scheme in line with the brief & executed the entire project to our satisfaction.

2 years later when the property was converted to the regions first St. Regis Hotel almost all of these elements were maintained by the new brand as well with the exception of a few minor changes.

Working with Sangeeta and the team at RaveDesign was a great experience as their understanding of the end users requirement,  creative ability & design management skills made this task an effortless one.

I must add their affable personalities and likeable nature was a big plus.

Rajiv Malla

Aug 2018 onwards, CEO, Runwal Group, Mumbai 2011-2018-Director, Phoenix Marketcity, Pune


My team worked closely with RaveDesign for the Way Finding Signage project for the Phoenix Marketcity, Pune which is part of the Phoenix Group.

The property was open to public and the earlier signage scheme seemed dated and needed a revamp. RaveDesign along with other consultants & teams developed a completely new design. They worked very closely with our Marketing Team to develop the right content for each signage. They came up with a unique design that was very eye catching and appealing. This was greatly appreciated by our tenants & customers alike. We then proceeded to incorporate this design across multiple other Phoenix properties.

It comes as no surprise that I would highly recommend RaveDesign as a signage design consultant; they are a great mix of creativity, execution and flexibility in a one solid package.